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Russian magazine: "Young technician" 1 for 2000.              SCIENCE TODAY

A.E. Alyoshin

Russia go into XXI century
with machine of time

It is devoted
to memory
of the my mother Alyoshina O.A....

     Russia go into new century, into the new era of unique openings in science and technics. The certainty of it give that fact, what and in our difficult time in Russia there is scientists, inventors and research institutes, which, despite of all difficulties and problems, develop scientific theories, do of the experiments and as a result be born the opening a world level.
      We want to tell about the one the opening and his history to you and to show on his example, that and now the Russia is the advanced country in the field of scientific achievements.
      The opening, which was made in Russia, affect bases of all our universe, because for the first time the mankind now can change not only space, but also time, accelerating and slowing down him by the our desire. It is possible to tell, that in experimental conditions was created "the Machine of Time" at a nuclear level.
      The long and difficult way to this opening began in 1994, when young inventor Alexander Aleshin has come in edition of magazine " Young technician " and has offered on approval a several of the interesting ideas, one of which was idea about heating hydrogen plasma in a reactor with the help the annihilation of the antiparallel beams of the particles and antiparticles. Result of this meeting is publication of the article "The supernova of the Alexander Aleshin" in second number of magazine " Young technician " in 1994. Thus, Alexander has received support so necessary for everyone young scientist and can strengthen one's resolve in realization of the own ideas. It is necessary to recognize, that the further destiny of the young inventor happen also extremely successfully. After graduation of school with a medal Alexander simultaneously was by a student in two institutes and starts to develop the own experiments in research institute "Quantum - 2".
      In a result in the period with 1998 to 1999 was made the several of the experiments for creation of thermonuclear reactions in hydrogen plasma with the help of heating by energy of annihilation of antiparallel bunches of particles and antiparticles, and by creation of a plasma black hole and research of her properties.
      About some of these experiments the magazine " Young technician " has written in fifth and tenth numbers of 1998 year, the articles referred to " And again is Supernova ", " Perhaps, what soon in each apartment will light up the own star! ", thus " Young technician" continued to support researches and timely report to you about development of scientific achievements in Russia.
      And today in first number of our magazine for 2000 we shall tell to you about the unique experimental opening made in Russia on a boundary of XXI century is an opportunity to supervise time to slow down and accelerate him by our desire, i.e. the dream of the people about the Machine of Time of the beginning come true...
      The author expresses sincere gratitude to the leadership and the scientists of research institute "Quantum - 2", to the research groups 7143, 7333, 7343, to the editions of magazine " Young technician " to their general editor Cheremisinov B.I. and of the employee of edition Il'in A.N., and also to technical translator Nikulina E.V., without theirs the invaluable help and support the experiments and opening of an opportunity of change of time would not be held...

      Now, when we enter into new century, we again ask to ourselves a fundamental question, what is the "time" and that we about him know.
      Fortunately, presently the theory of a relativity gives the exact answer to these questions. It is reputed, what the time is a physical factor which is responsible for duration of all processes in the universe.
      But till now all suppose, what we can not influence on this factor, and disputes went only so, whether time continuous is or consists of the separate moments, that is quantums of time.
      The last experiments have shown, that time needs to be measured in separate quantums and duration of most minimal of them should not exceed 10-43 seconds, what is proved also by quantum physics.
      Time in our universe is considered as the factor of her expansion, and the temperature, for example, is considered as the factor of a level of kinetic energy of particles of the certain environment - as far as the given environment is heated up or cooled.
      Is considered, that the our universe earlier was compressed in very small area up to the big density and consequently the substance there was heated up to huge temperatures and energy, thus, in this initial substance was developed the intensive processes of interaction, which have resulted in the Big Explosion. As a result of the Big Explosion our universe began to widen, what was proved in 20th years by American astrophysicist the Edwin Hubble at research of a spectrum of radiations of galaxies. Thus, with each moment of time the universe extends also. It is possible to consider this process of expansion in the stages of the space-time, when changes not only the space, but also the current of the time.
      And then before us there is an interesting question, which is set with help of the theory of a relativity. This question concerns unique objects in the universe - of the black holes. Black holes represent very dense formations, which have the small size. For this reason they have the big gravitational field, which allows them to grasp all substance environmental them and even the light, and also all other kinds of radiations. The black holes are formed at strong compression of substance of massive stars at the end of their evolution. However in the modern quantum physics it is proved, that elementary black holes can be and very small, with weight about 10-8 kg and the size in 10-35 m.
      If now we recollect that the time is a factor of expansion of the universe, and that the black holes grasp all substance environmental them and even the light (and also all other kinds of radiations), then it turns out that expansion of the universe in this area does not occur, and it means, that in the field of the black holes the time should be slowed down, and, on the contrary, at disintegration of these objects the time should be accelerated.
      Such intriguing opportunities which the theory of a relativity are given to us, should not be missed. Such idea has guided the author of this article by the beginning of development of a series of experiments, which was made in research institute " Quantum - 2 ".
      The essence of these experiments consist in receiving an elementary black hole in laboratory conditions and then we can prove, what with the help of this object really possible obtained change (to slow down and accelerate) of the time. For this purpose we needed to compress by the counter electromagnetic fields the area of the plasma, received in result of annihilation of the antiparallel beams of the electrons and positrons.

The plasma zone The diagram of expansion of the universe
Plasma zone in the gamma-rays microscope,
in which is formed the black hole
The diagram of expansion of the universe and
compression of the space-time
in the field of a black hole

      Under such circumstances we can simulate processes, which is in stars, because if taking into account the well-known formula of the Albert Einstein Е=МС2, it is possible to replace the big mass of substance on a big energy. Really, in a point with diameter about 10-4 -- 10-5 mm, where there was a collision of the antiparallel beams of the electrons and the positrons, which be accelerated to 2 MeV, the intensity of the electric field be 108 V/m at the density of beams 106 -- 108 A/sm2, and the magnetic induction be 8 Tesla. Such conditions have resulted to, that in this dot the electron-positron plasma was heated up to temperatures in 2,6 billion degrees, that corresponded to 14-th second from the moment of expansion of the universe. On area of the received plasma have an influence basically three forces. Gravitational forces of particles aspire to compress area of plasma, while forces of pressure of the gamma-radiation, arising as a result of reaction of annihilation of the electrons and positrons, aspire to expand area of plasma. Electromagnetic forces operate between particles of plasma, but because the all particles in a dot of interaction of the antiparallel beams of the electrons and positrons be chaotically mixed, then these forces as a whole on area of plasma do not influence.
      Therefore the leading role is played by the forces of pressure of the electromagnetic field, which is created by two magnetic coils with counter currents. These forces help gravitational forces to overcome forces of pressure of gamma - radiation and to compress area of plasma till the size about 10-35 m, that results in creation of an elementary plasma black hole. However the object, which we received, quickly disintegrate, because at such big levels of energy he simply "evaporated" due to an exit from him of the radiations and particles, these effect was predicted already in 70th years by the english physicist by Stephen Hoking. But soon the simple decision was found. We used the third magnetic coil, which created a variable asynchronous electromagnetic field, it was made so as the received object has got the moment of rotation and thus has increased period of the own life. In a result the object existed about 5,7 seconds. It is necessary to prove, what the received object really is the elementary black hole and to investigate of the her properties.

The gamma - microscope The scheme of the experiments
The gamma - microscope, in which was created
of the plasma black hole
The scheme of the experiments, which have
been carried out in a gamma-microscope

      For this purpose we have surrounded of the object with sphere from the photo-cell, between which have placed 512 Nd-lasers, beams from which should pass through object and be registered by photo cells, on sphere from photo-cells also were placed the sensors of pressure in the chamber and the sensors of the particles and radiations. When experiment began and was received the object, then the electric impulses from photo-cells have ceased to act, it spoke that the object has grasped all 512 laser beams, sensors of pressure have shown of reduction of pressure in the chamber with 10-6 down to 10-9 millimeter of mercury, that testified that the object did captured of the most part of particles of plasma, and, at last, the particle monitors have started to fix an exit from chamber of particles and radiations, which could be born only at interaction of plasma with object. Now already more did not remain any doubts, that the elementary plasma black hole was really created.

The scheme of getting of a black hole
The scheme of getting of a black hole
in a dot of annihilation

      Now it is necessary to recollect surprising quality, which the any black hole should have according to the theory of a relativity. We have already described this quality - it consists in an opportunity of change (of delay and acceleration) of the time in the field of a black hole. To check up this quality, was chosen the process of radioactive disintegration. The fact is that the given process depend neither on temperatures, nor from pressure, nor from any other external influence as goes only under the influence of nuclear forces which are the strongest forces in a nature. Thus, radioactive disintegration is the best means for measurement of time, because he has constant the time interval - the half-life period, after which the quantity of the radioactive substance should decrease in two times. For the experiments we chose the radioactive isotope of chlorine - 17Cl33, the half-life period which makes 2,4 seconds, i.e. during 5,7 seconds of life of the received elementary plasma black hole the quantity of the given isotope, after the two half-life periods, should decrease in 4 times, what should fix the sensors of particles and radiations. But when the beam of the given isotope was injected in the received elementary plasma black hole, then after her disintegration the sensors of particles and the radiations, which be adjusted to this isotope, have fixed, that the quantity of an isotope remained former, though during 5,7 seconds his quantity should decrease more than in 4 times, it meant, what in the field of a black hole the time is really slowed down. When a beam of an isotope was injected just on the some nanoseconds before disintegration of a black hole, then we can see, what the isotope was disintegrated more quickly than in 2 times, it testifies to acceleration of time. Thus, assumptions the theory of relativity about a nature of the time, about opportunity of his change and his quantum structure were completely experimentally confirmed.
      Also at disintegration of a black hole we have fixed birth of a gravitational wave, her interaction with laser rays in the diffraction laser lattice. Movement of a gravitational wave in the vacuum environment was marked by sensors of particles and radiations due to birth of pairs of particles and antiparticles. Also for received gravitational wave were confirmed her properties of diffraction and an interference.

The fractal model of process

The fractal model

The mathematical model

The fractal model of process of interaction
of a separate laser beam from the laser
diffraction lattices with the gravitational wave,
born as a result of disintegration of a black hole
The fractal and mathematical models of process
of birth of pairs of particles under action
of a gravitational wave of a black hole

     The received results have allowed to judge about correctness of theoretical conclusions about an opportunity of interaction of electromagnetic and gravitational waves. Thus for the first time were received experimental proofs of the Unified Field Theory.
      The experiments were made repeatedly and also were used and other isotopes, the results were analogous, what has confirmed our certainty of correctness of understanding of the received opening. The experiments were made on equipment "Gamma - Microscope", which was created on the basis of electronic microscope PHILIPS CM20.
      It is possible to tell, that for the first time in a history of science in laboratory conditions was created " the Machine of Time ", only at a nuclear level, but we are sure, that, having learned how to change of the time, in new XXI century the mankind will master open road in the space-time, and we shall hope that this way will be successful and will result in new opening and a new view on stars of the Universe...

(Translation into the English language has executed A.J. Streltsov.)

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