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Russian magazine: "Young technician" 5 for 1997.      SURPRISINGLY, BUT THE FACT...



The unidentified energy
from the "ultramundane" world

     Here you can see one of the surprising installations, created on a Lianozov factory "the Red star". Authors named of her the hydrodynamical heat-generator. In essence, it is the centrifugal pump which cause of the circulation of the water in the closed contour. In a contour arises the warmly, and in quantity on 20 - 30 % exceeding the energy, taken by the electric motor from a network. Process is checked exactly and often reproduced. It and is surprising!

      Authors do not make from the own work of a special secret. Here all cunning in the cavitation tunnel. You can see it on a photo. The stream of water passes through a tube with the channel of a variable section. It him will lengthenes, therefore he will rips and in him will formed a cavities, which next immediately will collapsed (be compressed) with a big speed. This phenomenon carries the name the cavitation.

The cavitation tunnel   The cavitation tunnel it is a metal tube with the channel of variable section. Here a mysterious energy and is born. On a lower photo show its transparent model.

     In essence, here the same effect, that we observe in a cumulative shell. Therefore the cavitation and can destroyed of a water turbines, screws of courts, drainpipe of dams, in short, the firmest substances. Quite recently was found out, what the cavitation also it is capable to interfere even in the world of nuclear forces and to induce there the own orders. If somewhat go ahead, then we can say, that it and allows to receive additional energy in the already described installation.
. 1     For the first time the similar phenomenon was discovered in 1979 by the American researcher Fligg, he made the experiment schematically represented on figure 1. His installation consist of the several chambers, located in a bath, filled with liquid isotopes of hydrogen and lithium - typical kinds of "thermonuclear fuel". In chambers was system of electrodes. At submission of an electric pulse on each of them practically simultaneously there was electric "explosion". Shock waves raised by them with huge speed were eliminated through narrowed orifices. Their energy was focused in the centre of the bath filled with heavy water. And, how it was marked, explosions were accompanied by emission of neutrons and gamma-radiations.
      The scientist saw the reason of the phenomenon in strong compression and warming of gaseous contents of the cavitational cavities, in result in microscopic volumes there could be thermonuclear reactions, and neutrons - their main witness.
      In 1994 was made one more experiment, where powerful the cavitational device was influenced already on the usual water. And if in installation of Fligg's the processes of cavitation went intensively, but they was rare, so average value of their power was insignificant, then here, at use of the "water siren", which was actuated by the motor in some watt, the capacity of the cavitational process was in thousand times of the greater. Then and it was possible to register the new phenomenon - appearance of superfluous energy. However of the neutrons or a radioactivity not was detected.
      The author of given experience a Grigs has not given of any physical explanation to the found phenomenon. And higher described the device of the factory of "the Red star" was one of the first verifications of the message, received from USA. She has confirmed occurrence of superfluous energy and full absence of any "nuclear" radiations.

The hydrodynamical heat-generator in gathering   The creators of heat-generator
The hydrodynamical heat-generator in gathering: the motor, the pump and the closed tube with an insert - the cavitation tunnel.   The creators of heat-generator - V.L. Petuchov, the factory director (in the centre), the expert in hydrodynamics the candidate of technical science I.I.Tomin (on the right) and the scientific ideologist of the project of the candidate of physical science L.V.Larionov.

The scheme of the thermal engine
On this drawing - the scheme of the thermal engine, which uses the unidentified energy from the "ultramundane" world. Out of respect to the ancient philosophers we can name of him "apeironic". The pump drives a liquid through the cavitation tunnel in the closed contour . Is quite possible, that it will be mercury. Under action of cavitation she will become warm approximately up to 500o C, next she gives of heat to water, which will transformes into the steam, and already he will twirl of the turbine. The steam after of work in turbine will give of the vestige of heat to the condenser and will proceed in a liquid status and then him again inject in a contour.

     Here it is necessary more fully speak something about a nature of cavitation. Already in 1917 Reylei, which made of the first mathematical model of collapse of a spherical cavities, has paid attention, that she can result in formation huge, how it seemed to him, physically impracticable speeds and pressure. All subsequent researchers tried to retouch of Reylei, leaving the open phenomenon within the bounds of classical physics. However birth of neutrons in experiences of Fligg's and superfluous energy at Grigs's from unidentified now the source testified, what the process of the cavitation is more intricate.
      Already the simple substitution of numbers in formula of the Reylei can show, what at reduction of the sizes of a cavity from 0,1 up to 0,000001 millimeters the relative speed of walls of a cavity approaching against each other, is close to... speeds of light. All it speaks that in the it moment the cavity becomes object of the quantum mechanics and already demands calculation with the help of the theory of a relativity.
. 2     Nobody can't look into a cavity in such instant even by means of a photo. But here we can invited for the help of the art intuition for visually reflecting of this event. On a drawing 2 the process is submitted from the point of view of the quantum mechanics. We shall consider him.
      On a surface of a spherical cavity appear the "tracery" from de Broglie waves. Now her borders become fuzzy as in the time, so and in the space. It is action of a uncertainty principle.
      But on the drawing 3 the quantum-mechanical conditions already are forgotten. On the highlight the effects, which foretell by the theory of a relativity. The fields of electric charges, and consequently, the atoms and molecules are flattened in a direction of movement. In middle of a cavity - motionless atom, which... has not luck. He will be destroyed, but he will not feel it and does not offer resistance . 3to particles approaching to him, whilst they will not pass through his electronic shells. And now at this place will be a microexplosion, with the physical parameters considerably surpassing chemical and coming nearer to nuclear. However such reactions should "betray themselves" by the nuclear radiation. But him however we and not observe. Certainly, here for an explanation we can say and the such the "strange a case", when radiation in nuclear synthesis is absent, for example, when merge of atom of carbon and helium. But then it is difficult to understand, why there are no other reactions for which in the usual water can be more than ten reasons.
      L.V. Larionov has paid attention on well-known already in the thirtieth years of the light radiation, accompanying of the cavitational processes. Why to not presume, what it is the cause of the heating of a liquid. Is enough thereof for allocated quantity of energy? Yes, fully. Even if only 0,2 % of molecules of a liquid are able to let out the one quantum of the visible light.
      But whence is arrived the energy for the light radiation?
      Because of imperfection of school manuals many of us represent the world as emptiness, where occasionally fly the material particles, relative distances between which are huge. In a crystal for two atomic nucleus be no more cramped, than for two mosquitoes at the Big theatre. In short, the world consists of emptiness. However exists many facts, which prejudice the similar conception. Therefore from antique times the scientists mentally began to fill in intervals between particles by the particular, in usual conditions the unobserved environment. At Anaximandr's she referred to apeiron, after - the world ether, and today - physical vacuum. Those who wants to study a question in more details, we send to the book's of I.L.Gerlovin "Fundamentals of the uniform theory of all interactions in substance" (L.: Energoatomizdat, 1990). Her author suppose, that the physical vacuum is the special environment consisting from the virtual particles and antiparticles. Concentration of them is fantastic and can reach density of 1045 particles in meter cubic. This environment has no viscosity for usual speeds. Therefore does not render any resistance to movement of the macroscopic bodyes. It is one of the reasons why we and do not observed him.
. 4     But we shall not leave far reasoning's about a source of "superfluous" energy. Birth of quantum of light is connected with jump of electron with high level on more low orbit. However the calculations can show, what even within of an orbit of electron's in atom of hydrogen the energy of physical vacuum in a million times more, than at the light quantum. So huge concentration of energy allows to admit existence of close interaction of physical vacuum with nuclear structures.
      It and could be, in opinion Larionov's, the most probable reason of origin of energy.
      On a drawing 4 is a hypothetical picture of a meeting of a surface collapse cavities with the ordered element of "the world vacuum". You see, how the shock waves "sit" on corners of a tetrahedron, having deformed the form of his connections, what has resulted in loss of some portion of energy how two mirrored twirl vortical particles, perhaps, quarks. Whether really all so occurs, will show the future researches.

FROM EDITION. This article has caused considerable interest of readers. Continuation of a theme you can see in "YT" 2 from 1998.

(Translation into the English language has executed A.J. Streltsov.)

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